Brother Donkey, The Forest School.


The calm and simple character of donkeys allows a clear, healthy interaction with them. Donkeys are animals that inspire us with a lot of love and compassion, and a desire to get close to pet them.


Sharing feelings when words are not needed produces an immediate mutual understanding and the donkey's ability to relate is an essential tool in animal mediation, since emotions are a powerful catalyst.


Donkey mediation in a natural environment is an excellent learning room, it offers a complete sensory experience: you can touch, smell, see, hear where it is easier to pay attention and learn, than sitting at a desk. In fact, experts have already named the growing isolation from the natural world that children live today, especially those in urban areas: "NATURE DEFICIT DISORDER." And it also has to do with new children's habits, as the consumption of new technologies that supplants direct experience with nature increases. One of the consequences of being completely disconnected from nature is the appearance of physical and mental disorders such as obesity, stress, concentration problems, learning disorders, hyperactivity, chronic fatigue and increased asthma or allergies.




Donkeys can be a beneficial therapy to bring joy and happiness to the elderly, favor reminiscence, since they bring back memories of the past; also of affective stimulation, of the positive feeling or affection that the animal itself arouses, and even of mobility: the elderly feel motivated to visit or take walks with the donkeys.


With the mechanization of agriculture they lost their role, but they can still help a lot of the human being, especially in this time of frenetic rhythm and staunch selfishness. Donkeys, endorphin inducers and motivation for any learning and development of new skills, will be our magnificent co-therapists. His slow and calm way of moving helps us stop, slow down and look at life from a different perspective.


Let the donkey show interest in us and come up to greet us. We start with caresses and move on to brushing. During this privileged moment complicity is created!






Share Feelings when Words are not necessary.


Contact and trust with the Donkeys through a short walk in the farm.

Enjoy the shade of the Algarrobos with a small snack.


Empathy is perfect for children.


Empathy | Printable (.pdf)




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