Hiking and Trekking «A Lomo de Burra»


Walking frees the body and the soul, and walking with donkeys is even more than that: it provides us with this special feeling of harmony between humans and pets.

Enjoy the intense proximity to nature and the beauty of the very diverse landscapes that we find on the Island, the sea with its beaches and the steep coast, the mountains with lush forests and the hills and farmland in the most part low and rural. All this makes each outing with donkeys a very special adventure for everyone, both for adults and children, whether in groups, with the family or individually. Step by step, we find the calm rhythm of the donkey, with the inner calm, and we contemplate the beautiful landscape that is opening up to us and that surprises us with its strength and its great variety.




Es Broll of Buscatell. A Hidden Eden.


Legend has it that a donkey was digging in the dry soil of the stream bed, when he moved a large stone and under it flowed the fresh water that allowed farmers in the area to prosper. But since, released from its stopper, the water flowed in the lower half of the channel, the wise animal covered the hole again so that the flow could accumulate and also water the mine above. And so, this hidden corner became the orchard that more or less the entire population of the island visits at least once in a lifetime.

The Buscastell valley, located in the current district of San Antonio, is about 4.5 km long, conditioned for irrigation, and at its bottom runs the creek of the same name, which will end in the bay of San Antoni.


The creek of es Broll, the most important and regular aquifer on the island, located at the head of the valley, feeds a hydraulic system of Andalusian origin, still in operation today.

Land of wells, springs and cisterns, it would be the paradise for those wicked, clever, small and enterprising pythian goblins known as ‘Barruguets’.

If they existed, they would have been living in Es Broll de Buscastell and the creeks of Porroig and Rubió, in addition to the mouth of the only river in the Balearic Islands. The three torrents mentioned may not have Barruguets, but they are the habitat of a special vegetation that is endangered by the persistent droughts that threaten both this area and

Rubió and Benirràs, the main fontinal ecosystems that remain on the island, characterized by the sources of fresh water of short route and without connection.


And the first effects are already here.




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