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Our mission proposes the reintroduction of the ancient and noble Balearic donkey breed, in purity, in the island of Ibiza and Formentera, where once it was present in significant numbers. We are the recognized non-profit Organization conducting the repopulation project with its own specimens of native Balearic donkey, selected and registered in the Book of origins. In order to achieve our objectives, a rigorous selection policy is required, in subjects imported from other islands where they are present today.

Our philosophy necessarily suggests interpreting the project in the most shared and socially relevant way, and from this arises the need to distribute the future population of the animals, introduced as part of the same project, across multiple sites.

So the Fosterer, owner of an agricultural property suitable for hosting donkeys in compliance with the regulations and prescriptions in force regarding health and animal welfare, fully shares the philosophy and methods implemented by the Association for the achievement of its purposes, becoming an active partner.

A.P.R.A.B., which is in charge of the management of the donkeys and the commitments that arise from it and will never stop offering its technical assistance, and the Fosterer mutually commit to developing all actions aimed at the conservation and promotion of pure Balearic donkey breed specimens on the islands of Ibiza and Formentera. They also undertake promotional activities of high philanthropic value and social relevance, organized and under the technical supervision of the Association.





If you have an adequate space and you want to get involved, indefinitely or for limited pre-established periods, in a so noble environmental, cultural and social mission, ask us for explanations on how to Join the project !





Silvopastoralism with Donkeys in Ibiza.


Livestock - such as donkeys - used in forests to graze the undergrowth is called Silvopastoralism. A practice known, for its many beneficial reasons, in agroforestry since centuries. Compared to other non-livestock forest management strategies, such as mechanical clearing or controlled burning, Silvopastoralism proofs to be more environmental friendly, favoring biodiversity, enrich the maintenance of the forest with a social aspect and is lower in the costs.

Extensively used livestock can be called as well "regenerative grazing", a part of regenerative agriculture. The amount of carbon fixed in the soil exceeds the amount in carbon in the atmosphere. Overgrazing, monocultures, plowing and fertilising with mineral fertilisers lead to exportation of carbon of the ground and loss of most microorganisms while regenerative agriculture does the opposite: the plants take out the CO2 from the atmosphere and fix the carbon in its structure.





The livestock in regenerative grazing nourish at the place of production and leaves most of the carbon, mixed with soil building microorganisms, onsite where it enters again in the soil. The amount of carbon builds up constantly, helping therefore to fight the climate change and upgrading the quality of the soil and water infiltration/retention.

The livestock becomes again one more element of a healthy ecosystem, helping the regeneration of the forest. It is a “Nature- Based Solution" (NBS). NBS are promoted by the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) and EU. From the Associaciò Pitiüsa Raça Asenca Balear - A.P.R.A.B., we are offering the management of Silvopasterism in forest areas of Ibiza with our donkeys.

The Balearic donkey, “Ruc Balear”, is on the list of endangered species. With our programs, we are not only helping to increase the amount of this breed as a contribution of protecting an indigenous species, we also contribute to the ecological forest management.




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